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BMusic Player

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BMusic Player

My Dream Art
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Are you crazy about music? Music can change the mood and talk to you. Listening to music is a favorite hobby and entertainment for most people.

Here is an addon that does the job for you. 'BMusic Player' is an addon that takes all the music to one place inside blender. Plays almost any formats like mp3, wav, FLAC, M4A, aac etc.

BMusic Player v1.0.1 (Initial Release)

Key Features:

  • Custom icon set.
  • Popup music player.
  • Custom shortcut key.
  • Supports almost any formats like mp3, mp4, wav, M4A, aac, FLAC etc.

BMusic Player v1.0.2
Planned Features:

  • Sleep timer.
  • Personal playlist option.
  • Change playback speed.
  • Multiple key mapping.
  • Default music folder.

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up to blender 2.92


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